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National Women and Girls in Sports Day

Around the country, National Girls and Women in Sports Day is recognized by schools, organizations and teams on the first Wednesday in February.

Athletics play an important role in girls lives. Besides helping to establish a routine for a healthy, active lifestyle, sports build confidence, leadership skills and the ability to work with a team.

But there is so much more to participating in sports. Women who participated in sports in school are more likely to graduate from college. According to an EY study, women increase their odds of landing leadership positions when they have a background in athletics.

Girls develop lifelong valuable relationships during their sports career, too.  It’s not just serious business.

It also doesn’t matter the sport. Whether girls choose to be a part of the volleyball team or prefer to aim for par or better in golf, the health, leadership, and academic benefits develop with each one.


Support girls and women athletics in your area.  Get involved. For more information on how visit Women Sports Foundation. Share how sports influenced your life. Use #GirlsAndWomenInSportsDay to share on social media.


On February 4, 1987, President Ronald Reagan declared the first National Women in Sports Day in recognition of the history of women’s athletics. It also recognized the progress made by the Title IX amendment passed in 1972.

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